Timber Wholesalers started doing business in 1975 as an office wholesaler. The business focused primarily on purchasing untreated SYP and having it pressure treated at treating plants in the South and distributing it to retail yards in the upper Midwest. In 1979 the company built its own treating facility at the current location in Willmar, MN. Primary products included 5 x 6 timbers and centermatch and treating products on a TSO basis for other wholesalers. The current facility sits on 11 acres with two 6 x 80 treating cylinders, an enclosed and heated storage area and a separate building containing an automated lumber stacker.

As a licensee of Arch Corporation we provide products using the Wolmanized lumber trademark. Preservatives currently being used for pressure treating at Willmar include Borate, Dissolved Copper Azole and Dispersed Copper Azole. Ponderosa Pine and Southern Yellow Pine is third party inspected by Timber Products Inspection. Items for treating include plywood, boards, radius edge decking, dimension lumber and timbers.

In addition to the items treated at Willmar, Timber Wholesalers also purchases and distributes items treated with CCA for Permanent Wood Foundations, Laminated column stock and pole barn squares. Untreated and special size items are available. The rail spur on site allows for Reloading services and custom treating is also available.